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Howdy Folks! 🤠


Pretty unimpressive site, eh?


We’re busy helping our clients and not occupied with being flashy.

If you’re looking for a consultant that paid way too much for a flashy site, we’re probably not a good fit.


If you’re looking for true professionals who really care and will try their damndest, we might be what you’re looking for. 😊


Ok, here’s what we actually do these days:


Cold email lead generation- 95% of our work and what we are truly amazing at

LinkedIn lead generation- a tiny portion of our work for clients with targets that are active on LI

High level growth consulting- all clients get this, but sometimes we do this a-la-carte

Notion work- a growing portion of our business and something we’re excited about


We’re looking for amazing clients who are good people, talented in their own field, understand stuff happens and trust us to do our work (no micromanagers!!!)


If this resonates with you, then please reach out to danny [at] kirkco [dot] io


If not, then thanks for your time and here is a cute cat video as a consolation prize. 















Our Approach:

-Asynchronous work always- meaningless meetings aren’t our thing

-Work life balance- we don’t work late or on weekends. Life > Work

-No fires- we do our job well and rarely see “fires” or emergencies with our clients

-Consummate professionals- we do try to be true pros and amazing people to work with

-Thankful and appreciative- we don’t get a big ego and try to be thankful at all times

-Give back- we donate a portion of proceeds to educate the future of the world


You might be our dream client if:

-You are patient and polite

-You roll with the punches and understand things happen

-You are willing to invest in the long term

-You are good and respectful people

-You believe in work life balance

-You want to only work with A players like us

-You don’t micromanage and trust us to do the job you hired us for


What we don’t do and things that grind our gears: 

-Micro managers (3rd time it’s been written, so you can tell we HATE this)

-We don’t do full sales and cold calling

-We mainly do outbound lead generation, so if it’s not that, we likely don’t do it

-No meaningless calls or meetings. If it can’t be solved via email, we can hop on a call, but that is rarely the case.

-Daily contact and checking in. We love hearing from our clients, but if we’re doing our job well we need to get to work and likely won’t be in contact each day.

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