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3 Simple Ways to Get More Customers

Let's face it, more customers (or donors for non-profits) are essential for organizational growth. You don't have to be all consumed with growth but even a small amount of yearly growth can help keep everyone at your company happy. The trick to this is finding strategies and solutions for growth that can be running in the background and not taking you away from your regular work. In this blog, we'll look at 3 of the best strategies to use for constant growth on autopilot.

1. Outbound lead generation: Everyone has a beautiful dream of having our customers come find us without us doing anything. That would be pretty cool but few companies ever achieve this. The advice I give my clients is to not wait for this to happen but to go out and find more customers and see if they could use your product or services. This can seem daunting but it's actually pretty easy. First, define who are ideal customers are and get specific. What titles do they have, industries are they in and geographic areas. Then define things about the companies they work for like number of employees, revenue, and company type. Once you have all this info, there are plenty of companies out there, like Kirk & Co., that can go find you more of these leads and deliver them to you to reach out to. Heck Yes!

2. Inbound lead generation: This type of lead generation is what most people think of when they imagine customers finding their business. But in the age of the internet, nothing is accidental anymore. You need to make sure you have great SEO and sales funnel on your website to capture leads once they land on your homepage. For generating more of these leads, I have a new favorite tool called Lead Quizzes which, as you can probably tell, uses the power of quizzes to get lead's contact info. You can put this website on your website, or social media, and entire potential leads to take your quiz and it even gives them custom feedback in exchange for their contact info.

3.Outreach on autopilot: Having leads is great but they don't mean much if you don't have a system to engage them in bulk. Email campaigns are a fantastic way to engage with your customers and leads. For general marketing tools, Mailchimp and Sendgrid are great tools for drip campaigns and also using it as part of your online platform for automated emails. For emailing leads that you found online by searching for them, check out Mailshake which is incredibly simple to setup and use.

Well there you go folks, that was the quick and dirty version of 3 easy ways to get more leads and engage them. If you're ever interested in getting a free analysis of your growth strategies, feel free to send me and email here and we'll schedule a call to dive into it. Have a good one! Danny Kirk

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